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Slicer - Flush

Manufacturer Norton
Available Options:
Item Number Size Grit Price Quantity
70184684546 4-1/2 x .040 x 7/8 13300 $ 54.64 - +
70184684545 5 x .040 x 7/8 12000 $ 70.71 - +
Wet continuous rim. Premium Performance. Razor like cut, but with high tensile strength steel core for greater accuracy and less wobbling. V-shaped gullet enhances cutting speed and improves blade life, particularly in hard materials. Smoothest cut with the best finish. Ceramic and stone tiles, granite, marble, very hard bricks and other very hard and dense materials. Ideally suited for granite, porcelain tile, marble, slate, ceramic tile . Either the blade life or cutting speed could be affected hard brick pavers.

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