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ProSand Bluefire (Zirconia Alumina)

Manufacturer Norton
Available Options:
Item Number Size Grit Price Quantity
7660768230 3" x 18" (2 Pack) 120 Extra Coarse $ 5.49 - +
7660768232 3" x 24" (2 Pack) 80 Medium $ 6.05 - +
7660768235 4" x 24" (2 Pack) 120 Fine $ 10.75 - +
7660768236 3" x 18" (5 Pack) 36 Extra Coarse $ 65.00 - +
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The Norton 3X sanding belt for portable belt sanders is suitable for general-purpose grinding of wood, metal, plastic, and fiberglass. The bi-directional belt splice allows the belt to run in both directions to simplify mounting and maximize sanding life. The zirconia alumina grit is self-sharpening and more durable than aluminum oxide. It is recommended for heavy material removal or coarse finishes. The belt has an open coat, which resists clogging and promotes flexibility. Open coat abrasives produce a rougher finish when abrading difficult-to-sand materials because the abrasive grains are spaced farther apart than they are on a closed coat product. Cloth backing withstands repeated flexing for maximum contouring to odd shapes and corners, and is more durable and tear-resistant than paper backing.