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Norton 20X

Manufacturer Norton
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Item Number Size Grit Price Quantity
07660703211 4"x M-10 HUB (5 Pack) 40 Type 29 $ 0.00 - +
07660703212 4"x M-10 HUB (5 Pack) 60 Type 29 $ 0.00 - +
7660703213 4"x M-10 HUB (5 Pack) 80 Type 29 $ 0.00 - +
The Norton 20X high-performance type 29 depressed- center zirconia alumina abrasive flap disc has a phenolic resin backing for reinforcement and a threaded hole for attachment to a right-angle grinder. The zirconia alumina abrasive is self-sharpening and more durable than aluminum oxide, which makes it suitable for fast material removal rates and aggressive grinding. The phenolic resin backing plate keeps the disc from scratching the workpiece. The type 29 angled style disc offers durability and reinforcement for use in metal fabrication, weld blending, deburring, stock removal, cleaning, stripping, and finishing in one step. The female-threaded central hole twists onto a threaded arbor. The disc shape is angled for maximum workpiece contact and is commonly used with right-angle grinders at a 15- to 25-degree angle to dissipate heat.

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