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Magnum ProX17 Stand

Manufacturer Graco
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17G177 $ 535.50 - +

Fast and easy on-the-job Pump Replacement
• Eliminate service center repair costs and travel time expenses
• No Tools Needed
ProX17 Includes:
• ¼” x 50’ Airless Hose
• SG3 Metal Spray Gun with hose swivel
• 515 RAC IV Tip
• Free 8 oz Pump Armor Storage Fluid
• Quick Start-up and Clean-up Guide
NEW Pump Replacement System
NEW ProX™ Power-Piston Pump
• Exceptional durability and long life stainless steel piston pump
• Exclusive, lifetime lubricated wiper pad for maintenance free operation
• Modular pump components for easy maintenance
NEW PushPrime™
• Push to assure reliable priming every time due to poor cleaning or debris!
• 3/4 HP DC Motor
• Powerful DC motor that can run longer extension cords
• Supports a .017 tip
• .017” Max Tip
• 3000 Max PSI
• Easily move paint and sprayer around the jobsite
• Chrome handle folds down to compact storage
All ProX Sprayers Include:
• Metal SG3 Gun with Swivel and 50ft. Hose – for larger jobs
• InstaClean Pump Filter – added filtration to reduce tip clogs
• Adjustable Pressure Control – 0-3000 psi for high pressure spraying and rolling
• PowerPlug – assures a good power source

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