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  • B-Safe Ball Valve Lockouts

    B-Safe Ball Valve Lockouts

    Made of durable polypropylene plastic and fully dielectric. Highly resistant to many solvents and other chemical products. Easy-to-use design is available in th...
    Manufacturer: Honeywell
    From $ 61.99
  • C-Safe Circuit Breaker Lockouts

    C-Safe Circuit Breaker Lockouts

    Constructed of rigid plastic. Available for single or double pole circuit breaker lockout applications. Red color helps to identify from a distance. CB01 si...
    Manufacturer: Honeywell
    From $ 64.34
  • Cable Lockouts

    Cable Lockouts

    Hasp is constructed of tough and durable nylon for strength and durability. Can accommodate up to (6) padlocks. Highly visible red color identifies padlock for ...
    Manufacturer: Honeywell
    From $ 28.00
  • E-Safe Plug Lockouts

    E-Safe Plug Lockouts

    Completely encloses plug from any accidental reconnection. Electrical cable is inserted through the opening and then closed. Made of polypropylene plastic, whic...
    Manufacturer: Honeywell
    From $ 14.55
  • Group Lock Box

    Group Lock Box

    Used for work team situations where multiple employees, energy sources, machines and processes need to be locked out. All keys are securely stored in the tamper...
    Manufacturer: Honeywell
    From $ 98.95
  • M-Safe Nylon Lockout Hasp

    M-Safe Nylon Lockout Hasp

    Heavy-duty hasp is made entirely of dielectric nylon. Holds 1-6 padlocks allowing users to properly lockout equipment and prevent accidental operation. Non-cond...
    Manufacturer: Honeywell
    From $ 4.37
  • V-Safe Valve Lockouts

    V-Safe Valve Lockouts

    Helps to properly lockout valve handles from 1" up to 14" diameter. Designed with (2) flattened half-moons that completely cover valve wheel. Made from polyprop...
    Manufacturer: Honeywell
    From $ 57.20
Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 products)
Result Pages:  1