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DUO - High Speed - General Purpose

Manufacturer Norton
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Item Number Size Grit Price Quantity
70184683611 12 x .110 x 1"/20mm 6300 $ 228.70 - +
70184683612 14 x .110 x 1"/20mm 5460 $ 263.87 - +
The original Duo. The innovative, exclusive design introduced in 2002 has become a dominant name in the market. The unique dual segment per land technology provides excellent cutting speed with low vibration and high comfort of cut. The exclusive arrow shape gullets not only indicate blade direction but they also assist in fast removal of cutting debris. Maximum performance when cutting medium to low reinforcement, hard materials - general purpose. Innovation best performance. Ideally suited for slate, hard brick pavers, precast concrete/pipe, hard concrete, reinforced concrete, cured concrete, concrete pipe / curbs, medium brick, soft brick, concrete pavers, limestone, block. Either the blade life or cutting speed could be affected granite, porcelain tile, marble, ceramic tile, green concrete, asphalt over concrete, asphalt.

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