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Cup Grinder – Standard – Dry Grinding

Manufacturer Norton
Available Options:
Item Number Size Grit Price Quantity
70184682586 4 x 5/8"-11 15000 $ 87.96 - +
70184682595 7 x 5/8"-11 8370 $ 131.94 - +
Double Row for for long life, smooth finish. Available in a range of sizes an segment designs for optimum performance by life or by speed. Ideal for leveling all types of masonry materials, brick, block, concrete and stone. Strategically placed hole designs help entilate dust from the surface extending life of the cups. Quality and value consistent performance. Ideally suited for cured concrete, concrete pipe / curbs, medium brick, soft brick, concrete pavers, limestone. Either the blade life or cutting speed could be affected reinforced concrete, block, green concrete.

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