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Colonial Automotive Masking Tape

Manufacturer Shurtape
Available Options:
Item Number Size Grit Price Quantity
COL 00 36mm x 55mm (Single Roll) $ 3.58 - +
COL 00 48mm x 55mm (Single Roll) $ 4.80 - +
COL 00 48mm x 55m (24 Pack) $ 111.22 - +
COL 00 36mm x 55m (24 Pack) $ 120.29 - +

Premium Grade; 6.7 mil, high adhesion, rubber-based adhesive. Colonial® is for use in industrial and automotive paint applications that do not require the use of a bake oven and general purpose masking where a premium performance tape is needed. Conformability, easy unwind, high tensile strength, and flexible backing make Colonial an excellent performing premium tape.

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