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Charger High Performance(300X)-Continuous Rim-Turbo

Manufacturer Norton
Available Options:
Item Number Size Grit Price Quantity
7660704023 4-1/2 x .080 x 7/8-5/8-20mm 13300 $ 51.73 - +
7660705475 4 x .080 x 7/8- 5/8-20mm 15000 $ 51.73 - +
7660704022 7 x .090 x DM-7/8-5/8 8370 $ 67.15 - +
Norton Dry turbo rim. Combines the characteristics of standard Charger blade with a turbo rim configuration for cutting hard, dense materials with minimal effort. A better bond and diamond concentration for maximum cutting speed, life and quality of cut. Blocks, medium-hard building bricks, paving slabs, concrete roof files and other medium-hard materials. Ideally suited for hard concrete, cured concrete, concrete pipe / curbs, medium brick, soft brick, concrete pavers. Either the blade life or cutting speed could be affected hard brick pavers, precast concrete/pipe, reinforced concrete, limestone, block.

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