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3X314118 High Speed All Materials - Wet/Dry Cutting

Manufacturer Norton
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Multi-purpose and versatile laser welded segments for dry or wet cutting a range of construction materials (concrete, asphalt, granite) without sacrificing performance or price. A high performance blade for long life and high speed cutting. Depth of cut is easily controlled with the patented depth of cut indicators cut into the steel core. Anti-crack gullets for enhanced safety cutting steel and metal (up to 5mm thick). Premium high performance. Ideally suited for ductile iron pipe, rebar no. 5, angle iron up to 1/2". Either the blade life or cutting speed could be affected ceramic tile, medium hard refractory, hard brick pavers, precast concrete/pipe, hard concrete, reinforced concrete, cured concrete, concrete pipe / curbs, medium brick, soft brick, concrete pavers, limestone, block, green concrete, asphalt over concrete, asphalt, mortar.

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