Graco Spray Guns

Graco's spray guns are designed to deliver excellent spray quality in a wide variety of finishing applications. Choose from our complete line of applicators including air-assist, conventional, HVLP, compliant and electrostatic technologies available in either manual or automatic options.

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New Graco RAC X Contractor Airless Spray Gun - 2 Finger

Introducing breakthrough needle design technology that protects the needle from paint, prevents wearing and gun spitting – making the new Contractor and FTx Guns Graco's longest lasting, most reliable gun. The new Graco Contractor gun comes complete with a RAC X Tip Guard and a RAC X 517 spray tip.

New FlexSeal design
Totally enclosed needle design eliminates exposure to fluid.
Extends needle life by 70%
Fluid pushes on seal to quickly shut-off needle and reduce spitting
Spring located outside fluid path for less fluid restriction and better flow
Modular Needle Cartridge
Easiest gun to service on the market
Simply remove trigger cross pin and unthread front housing to change out needle
Ergonomic Contractor Gun Handle

Form-fit handle provides maximum control and comfort while spraying. Overall weight is lighter than other airless guns on the market, reducing operator fatigue.

New Trigger Lock & Gun Trigger
Smooth, lightweight trigger pull with simple, thumb-engaged safety lock
Contractor 2-finger trigger provides more control of the gun while spraying

New Detachable Trigger Guard Detaches from bottom and swings clear of gun handle for easy access to gun filter

Easy Out Gun Filter
Filters from the inside out to prevent filter from collapsing
Interchangeable with Contractor II &FTx II Guns
New EasyGlide Swivel

Exclusive dual-seal swivel design reduces sealing friction under pressure, making this the best swivel on the market.

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